Bringing women together is always a bad idea. Especially when the basis for the meeting is centred around things we are renowned for. Shopping, beauty or  gossip; These topics to us women, are what sports are to men. And therefore I generally avoid being around to many hens, with an opinion on the same rooster.

So when invited to the very first Seoul Blogger Brunch on Saturday 19th August, whilst feeling super privileged, I was also somewhat apprehensive. ‘A networking brunch. Bringing global influencers and brands that are based in Korea together,’ words to that effect from the host Star Lengas. She seemed sure. She believed in herself. And I liked that. Nothing’s worse than a store that doesn’t believe in their product! Lol

I took myself along on that Saturday afternoon to Hearth Seoul. Canadian owned restaurant/wine bar, it’s quaint but European aesthetics were perfect for such an event. They served up picturesque Italian dishes, solid wine and an atmosphere that was neither awkward or unsure.


There were bloggers, Youtubers, insta bloggers and brands. It was a sponsored event, where product had been bagged and generously gifted by brands. (See the full sponsor/contributor list below). With Florals being the theme, it was safe to say that everyone got the memo. Networking is not really my thing…so it took A LOT for me to work up the courage to chat. But once I did, I noticed the following about having so many Beauty Die-Hards in one room…


Slaaaaaayyyy or Die Trying

하나.. 둘… 셋 (1,2 ,3  if your’e English Lol)….CLICK! Even after counting down several times over, have you ever tried to get a group of normal women to stay still for a picture? Let alone a haul of beauty enthusiasts. We shifted, we smiled, we tweaked our hair, put on our lipgloss. No games  were played. Each understanding the other’s need to adjust and groom.

Seoul Bloggers Brunch 2017

Cosmetics + Cameras

Definitely got knocked in the head a few times (thanks Nathalie lol). When the aim of the game is to both document and flood social media, I’m sure you can only imagine what it is like to be in a room full of differing gadgets. Not only did people share beauty secrets, they told their technology tales. DSLRS, compacts, gimbals you name it, we shared it.

Beauty Babble

Spouting off beauty specifics to my girlfriends is often kinda boring. A bore on their side because they usually can’t compute nor pronounce half the brands or ingredients I’m explaining. And equally as boring for me because my excitement isn’t reciprocated.

Talking  to females who are as fanatic about toner was a breath of fresh air. Leaving with way more product recommendations than I had planned to, this event was in fact bad for the wallet. With beauty brands on hand to answer any queries about products and procedures…again…it was bad for us lol…but great for business.

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Did Someone Say FREE??

Each brand was kind enough to give a presentation on what they offer. On top of which there was competitions and prizes. FREE surgery being one of them. At this point there was a loud “Yaaaaaaas” from someone behind me. Still haven’t figured out who that was.??? LOL But needless to say their reaction was echoed by the rest of us. Again, this group of beauty enthusiasts, perked to attention, checked and double checked their chosen numbers and waited to be called. Granted, no one lost there teeth in the clamber for the prize draw.


In the end, It was evident to me that a room full of women was a complete disaster, but not in the way I predicted. Irrespective of our inability to take a photo, Or our costly product advice to one another; we left on a high. There was no sour taste in our mouth, or competitive edge. Friendly connections were made among us. Plus the brand representatives were equally as pleasant, and extremely informative. Star was right to believe in her idea! My hat goes off to her and the co hosts Dot Moore and Mina Pierre. As the meticulous organisation resulted in a fun, beauty filled afternoon with a group of people I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing again.

Thanks to the generous brands who sponsored and contributed, I have a ton of product to try, test and review. For a full run down of everything that was in my goodie bags, check out my Youtube video! If your a K beauty fan, feel free to take a look. (This is only my 2nd video so pllleeeaaase forgive my poor camera and audio…planning on updating my equipment, until then I’m working with what I have! Watch in 1080p. xx)
Event Sponsors
Seoul Cosmetic Surgery
Banobagi Hospital
Grace Plastic Surgery
Be Mused Korea

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