If you know anything about me, it’s that I am not a fan of exercise. A can’t do it, won’t do it but should do it type of relationship, is what I have with physical activity. Needless to say I was dragged by two friends on a Hike and Winery trip. One who has this spiritual connection with physical achievement and the other who (like me) I swear was there for the photo opts and the wine. LOL  All jokes aside, after arriving in my jeans, clearly not prepared for such a task, I was surprised to have enjoyed the 2 day trip. And even more grateful to my friend  for making me do something outside of my comfort zone. Petty Patrol…I salute thee!

We spent the night in Daejeon at a jjimjibang (Korean bathhouse). FYI the worse night sleep I have ever had! Babies crying, fat man snoring, and some girl had Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ playing on loop. I slept maybe 3 hours at the most. And wasn’t appreciative of the 7:30am meeting time. But needs must. We drove to the bottom of Daedunsan, a mountain located in Chungcheongnam-do. And it was a fairly short hike. Maybe just under an hour, thank god! I was waaaay to ill-equipped to reach the mountain summit, but I managed to get to the suspension bridge. Normal people don’t overlook the fact that they have a phobia of heights..again, I am not normal. See video of me shitting my pants below.

[wpvideo sgmFKax8]

Our trip was with WinK travels, you can find them on Facebook. I’m super anti-social usually, and  get irritated by situations where there are more than 4 people. ..Hey I never said I was perfect. However, everyone on board the trip was pretty dope from the hikers to the trip leaders. Thumbs up!

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