It’s been awhile, not by choice mind you; lets just say that life got in the way. New job, Christmas and then a New Years vacation bla bla bla..forgive me, I lost touch with a lot of stuff. And so in the spirit of all that ‘new year, new me’ shite, (which I generally don’t buy) I am up and running again. Welcome 2016, whoop whoop!

Taking a break from the work tread mill lead me to New York. Having been to the states before but never to The Big Apple I was keen to make comparisons to other states and LDN. Made a few observations.

  1. Shops are open 24 hours a day. Like literally. As a self proclaimed foodie, is there any wonder my heart skipped a few beats at the vast amount of food options constantly available.
  2. It felt like home. Not too dissimilar to London, with the hurried pace and busy roads, New York felt like a home away from home.
  3. The diversity. It’s a known fact. I just never realised how  saturated it is with Caribbean, Latin and Korean people. Even more unusual to me is that they all seemed to stick together. If I saw a group of kids, 95% of the time they were all the same race.
  4. Korean products on tap! More on K-beauty in NYC to come.
  5. Rats. Super human, super sized, overly brazen rats! Don’t get me wrong as a Londoner I’m not rat shy, but these things made Master Splinter look like a mosquito.

The City that never sleeps..Still trying to process if it’s somewhere I could live. Until then, fish, chips and the River Thames it is!


Devina wells New York 2016 NYC


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