Perfect skin isn’t much to ask for. And in all honesty it’s wasted on babies. What they need clear skin for I will never know. Why not start life as a gremlin?…Having problem skin earlier on only to make way for flawlessness in adulthood.

Long story short I’ve had questionable skin since I can remember. Eczema, followed by cystic acne, hyper-pigmentation and rough texture. These have been the bane of my skins existence since I was 13. And I can’t. I am literally done. I have tried everything going, creams, lotions, potion. You name it, my poor face has endured it with little to no change. The thing is, I am under no illusion. I know the pizza I ate last week is to blame. Fully aware am I, that last night’s chocolate binging fest contributed. But when it comes to a completely clean diet. Sadly I am not yet so willing.

  And you know what they say? .. If you can’t eat clean. Cheat!….Okay, tis a one said that. Irrespective, I chose to scam my way out of it because spending heaps on skincare that can only help to a certain point makes no sense to me. It was my preference to rid my skin of acne, allowing me to focus more on things like hydration, and anti ageing. 

The Kbeauty trend sweeping the West (and apparently going nowhere) is amazing. But only partially the reason for Koreans dewy skin. I’ve noticed that women here see their skin as an investment from an early age. And a trip to the dermatologist rivals a trip to the dentist. With this notion in mind, I opted to seek medical advice, in the hope that someone could fix this shit! Lol

*There’s alot of info, but I’m going to try and make it as concise and as relevant as possible.*

What did you get done?

Spiculing, Derma Akne (sebaceous gland ablation), Laser Toning…in that order!

Where did you go?

Through Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, I visited Grace Clinic in Sinsa. This was my first time at this particular clinic, and as a result I have now visited a few times. Both the team of doctors and staff alike are extremely friendly and knowledgable. It is always a bonus that they never make me feel like I have been overlooked or out of place. I was fortunate enough to be able to see skin and laser specialist Dr Seunghae Choi. Really nice lady, who always finds my intolerance for pain humorous! Lol

How much coins did you have to drop?

Here’s the deal, similarly to any type of cosmetic, dermo or plastic surgery treatment, it is individual. And it kind of frustrates me when people ask me, and then say that their quote was different. Your face is not my face, and vice versa. The best way to get exact pricing is to go and have a consultation. Shop around. If a clinic gives you an exact price before seeing you, run…run like the wind…

I started my treatments last November, when there was an event on. All in all I paid around 550,000krw ($520/£365) for the treatment package listed below. And while some may deem it expensive, the bottom line is, it’s your face and not a pair of shoes. Quality over anything else.

How long did it take?

Each treatment took no more than 2 hours. The longest being Derma Akne. However, I will say that the main treatments are quicker than all the cleansing and prepping that is done beforehand.

Treatment 1: Spiculing

Spiculing helps to regenerate the skin by stimulating the skins natural repairing mechanism. Micro needles called spicules are massaged into the skin, and left to dissolve over 72 hours. It is the penertration of these spicules into the dermis that aids skin rejuvination.

In lay-mans terms, a tonne of tiny sharp particles were left in my face for 72hrs. After which I still felt them for about 4 days. For the first 48hrs I wasn’t allowed to wash my face. That was really difficult for me! Once dissolved the spicules caused all the nasty stuff under my skin to come through. Crater face should of been my name, because by day 5 I broke out really badly. Come day 8, all was well and my skin had calmed.

On the advice of the doctor, I tried spiculing first, as it can rid mild acne in some relatively well. However, spiculing is not a permanent solution for acne, and you already heard me say I was out here looking for scams and solutions! Lol Consider spiculing more of a flushing out process.

Treatment steps:

Cleansing, Extraction, Spicule application

Spicule application

Treatment 2: Derma Akne

Derma Akne or sebaceous gland ablation, uses laser technology to destroy the glands that create acne. The doctor targeted over 200 pimples, and I have never felt anything so painful in my life! The needle is inserted into each indiviual pimple and then zapped with laser. That’s needle.. zap! Needle .. zap! Kill them, kill them all I say! Naturally I chose this as my next step as unlike spiculing, Derm Akne is permenant.

Treatment steps:

Cleanse, Extraction, Numbing cream, Derma Akne, Cooling/calming mask.

Treatment 3: Laser Toning

Last but not least was laser toning. ‘Laser toning is the process of using laser energy to penetrate specific layers of the skin and break apart pigments, which often surface as a result of sun damage, aging, acne, and other skin conditions. It works by heating up the targeted tissue without actually destroying it. This creates what dermatologists call a ‘controlled thermal injury,’ triggering a natural response in the body to produce more collagen and elastin. After the procedure is complete, the body’s immune system processes excess pigmentation and leftover particles to clear away discoloration.’

Both my friend and the doctor are convinced that Derma Akne is more painful, but I personally found the burning sensation of laser toning more uncomfortable. In order to see the full effect of laser toning, it is advised you have more than one treatment. So I have to put on my big girl pants and endure a few more times before being able to see my scars visibly disappear.

Treatment steps:

Cleansing, Vitamin C iontophoresis , Skin Recycle Laser, Laser toning, Calming mask.
Laser used was the Helios which is an ND:YAG type laser.


Your girl here is all for a good enhancement! In fact, bar my nose surgery, I’d take cosmetic treatments over plastic any day. In a country like Korea, where everyone has similar aesthetics, and the beauty standard is a far cry from what I look like, it is nice to be able to go to a clinic like Grace. At every point Dr Choi took into consideration my skin type as well as tone. She effectively modified parts of the treatment, recognising that some of it was not safe or recommended for someone of my complexion. That to me is what made me continue to go back. Currently, I am still totally amazed by the Derma Akne results, I haven’t had a serious breakout since before the treatment! And having scheduled a few more laser toning treatments, I’m excited to really see a significant change in my scars and hyper-pigmentation. I’ll keep you posted.

*This is my skin 4 weeks after completing all skin treatments.*

Have you ever tried any of these treatments? Did they work for you? Or were they an absolute fail?

Let me know what your experience was. Want to see exactly what I had done? Click here.


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