It’s been roughly just under three months since I arrived in Seoul. Though if I am honest these past months have seemed like a lot longer. My short spell here has left me fortunate enough to  have met some dope ass people, and visit some amazing places. Which of course I am totally grateful.

But before leaving home I sort of gave myself a frank (and unrealistic) talking to. ‘You’re not gonna change, you are gonna be the same person, because you are comfortable with who you are and what you stand for bla bla bla.’ Unfortunately life doesn’t work like that, whether you live in your country of origin or abroad. What is life if we’re not changing, progressing? A caterpillar maybe exquisite in its current skin. Yet does its transition to a butterfly make it any less unique? (I’m doing too much right? lol)

My point is it was foolish of me to assume that I wouldn’t adapt or pick up new habits as a result of my new surroundings. Does it make me, any less me? Naaah mate, I say it adds value to both me and my life experience. Everyday I am noticing that I am becoming a little bit more Korean, it’s funny because it’s totally unintentional. The first 3 weeks here, I bitched non stop about things ‘they do in this country that make no sense.’ Yet here I am about to list the same habits I’ve since adopted. Go figure!

Koreanisms & Cultural Acceptance

..Koreans generally exclaim ‘ahhh 추워!’ (It’s cold) a lot. It’s  -1 outside sooo sometimes it’s kind of a state the obvious thing, but hey I have found myself now doing it too…

…Sharing. Everything. I’m not a selfish person I promise lol. Quite happy to pay for my meal and yours. I just didn’t see the need for us to share before living here. Things have since changed. And I may just let you dip your chopsticks in my rice….maybe…(that sounds a lot filthier than intended lol)

…Face masks and hot packs. Surgical masks maybe not so much, but defo a heated pack in each pocket is way better than gloves…

…The two hand wave, that gets more frantic depending on how much you like someone!..

…Brushing my teeth after every meal. I walk around my school corridors with a mug in one hand and my toothbrush in the other…

…Just accepting that I cannot change a dish. At home I would go to a restaurant and make sure the waitress knows I want that dish but without ‘onion, medium rare and I dunno…say less gravy.” LOL Don’t ever try and changeee a Korean dish. Don’t ask the restaurant lady for what would be your preference. She is just gonna look at you bewildered and give it to you the way it’s served anyway… I’ve stopped having preferences..

…Bowing…anytime, any place, to anyone, even strangers. I haven’t shaken a hand in months…

…Slippers. I’ma leave that here. That’s all I’m gonna say. If you know you know…

…Shit loads of beauty products…to be fair this isn’t exactly new, it’s just got worse….

…Loud noises while eating used to erk me. But now I’ve learnt to block them out….

…Sending messages with Korean texting slang/abbreviations.  I have to realign my thoughts when texting my friends back home, who have no bloody idea what “kkkk, ㅋㅋㅋ or ~~~” mean…

And yes, granted I have picked up new habits from my new Eastern home, but there are some that I still can’t get my head round…so for the record  you won’t catch me putting my shitroll (toilet paper) in a trash can any time soon. #TeamFlushnGo



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