‘Sheet masks feel so 2015!’ Was the exclamation of a friend at dinner this week. No longer just an Asian thing, sheet masks are among the many trends that have taken the West by storm. With most K beauty brands using masks as a baseline product, the sheet mask market maybe reaching a point of over saturation. Maybe, location is a contributing factor. *shrugs* But living in Seoul means that one’s options are endless. Weekly batches of masks arrive on the shelves from new brands. Seriously, skincare companies just pop up overnight here. Kinda hard to keep track. Regrettably, I’m nowhere nearer to figuring out which one’s actually work.

My general shopping theory, is grab what you can. 90% sure they all do something. Stick with the high price points, and the ones on the mid to top shelves are usually placed within eye shot for a reason. They want you to cop the most expensive. Right? Well known brands like Mediheal, Dr Jart or CNP have different ranges that are sold at different price points. Whereas, more indie, luxe or aesthetic grade brands tend to have one, max two specialised masks. These are usually sold at like $26-30 dollars for a pack of 3-6. Something ridiculous like that.

The Sorting Hat….

If you have slight OCD tendencies (like me), you’ll unconsciously sort your sheets. However, if your not naturally inclined to panic at disarray then maybe this will be of some use.  In my bathroom cupboard I have 3 shelves. Starting from the bottom and working upwards shelf one houses the cheap and cheerful, ranging between $1-2. These tend to be throw away masks, that get used in the morning whilst showering. Drying pretty quickly, the solution within these sachets are limited, and the ingredients while not harmful are bog standard.

Shelf two, the (mid range) weekend sheets. These babies often cost betwen $3-5 dollars. And get opened on the weekend when I have a little bit more time on my hands. Usually the quality is better, the material is the thicker, heavier cotton type, gauze, gel or even rubber. During the week I like to give my face a break, wearing little to no makeup. But on the weekend I crank it up a little. These bad boys are the mask I have found help my skin look smoother and aid my makeup application.

Last but by no means least, shelf three! Luxe/indie brands for targeted treatment. I bust these babies out on special occasions, pamper days. Lol Or when shit really hits the fan i.e a breakout or lack of hydration. They don’t have to always be high end, especially if they are for problem skin. But when they are bad and bougie, they can set me back about $-a piece. Brands like Shangpree, Trouiareuke, Huxley and Klavuu sit on this shelf.

Troiareuke GPS Mask

In a somewhat loser-ish fashion, I group my masks together so I know what to look for when stumbling incoherently into my bathroom in the morning. It makes it a lot easier to decipher what a girl should get rid of, and what I need to buy more of. More importantly, who wants to rummage through a shit load of product at 6am…

…What can I say I’m not a morning person?


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