Clique Etiquette: I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a network of people who get it. People who get the constant struggle between balancing everyday life and artistic desire.  They may not all know each other, yet it amazes me how similar their mindset is. Show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are right? And as the word friend does not fall from my lips with ease, I count only maybe 8 or 9 people as the realist; it’s a small, but mighty bunch, humble yet impactful. What I respect the most about these people? Is whilst making strides in their own fields, they make time to dip into my pond. When I say dip, I actually mean drown and to me that is the biggest difference between a friend and an associate.

The Visionary:  It’s crazy how you see your friends and equally how they see you eek! But in my eyes, everyone assumes a natural role. A skill one particular friend of mine Vic possesses is that of vision. Let me explain. Vic see’s an outcome before I have even thought of the first step. I run an idea past him, and instantly he tells me how it would, should or could go. He will conclude waaayy before I have even got to the evaluation stage. His judicious nature allows him to then go even further with what I originally thought was a great idea. Vic stays naturally ahead. Our convos vary in depth , but one in particular always sticks in my mind. I was trying to figure out why I was so utterly broke. Why at the end of the month I was seeing no benefits of the hard work I was putting it? After a long winded whatsapp paragraph of why my life was a mess…”Guns n butter.” Vic simply types.  At this point, I tried not to display ignorance by admitting I had no clue what the hell he was talking about. Went away. Did my research…

“You got to learn the difference between guns and butter.”  There are two types of people, people with guns, and people with butter.  What are the guns?  That’s the real estate, the stocks and bonds. Art work. Shit that appreciates with value.  What’s the butter?  Cars, clothes, jewelry, all the bullshit that don’t mean shit after you buy it.”

 …And found that aside from a being a memorable line in the urban classic film ‘Baby Boy,’ this theory of Guns vs Butter theory is a historical one; one I had studied during A Level history.  Shame on me for forgetting!

When applying it to the context of our convo, I think my mate was trying to suggest that by placing my income..maybe even my focus on the wrong things, I of course wasn’t going to see any benefits. Materialistic things (butter) that can’t bring about investment is not where I should have been seeking validation. A car, clothes, etc, doesn’t equate to long term success. So when you see me on foot, no designer threads, know that I need to invest in the ‘guns’ before I can fritter away on that ‘butter.’

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