Skin first. Make-up second. Healthy skin or at least healthy ‘looking skin’ is what I aspire to. And as such has become my late twenties mantra. Part of growing old gracefully is the realization that less is more. And in nearing my 30’s, I am desperately trying to embrace my maturing skin. (Yes bitch. I said maturing. Ageing is a dirty word lol).

That being said, when Fenty Beauty launched in October last year, RiRi was playing no games. Her first launched comprised of foundation, primer, highlighter, contour sticks and gloss bombs. Famed initially for her 40 shades and the ‘Kilawatt’ highlighter; Fenty Beauty sold out within hours both online and in store. The singers later holiday ‘galaxy collection,’ over run with glittery and sparkly shadows was also a hit. And was followed up with ‘Stunna’ lip paint and matte lipsticks. As of February 2018, the music moguls beauty line is on track to outsell both the Kardashian sisters million dollar make-up lines.

Yet…after trying and testing the pictured products and more, the reasons I am not a convert are as follows.

Delivery took about 2 -3weeks. But I’m currently living in Korea, so I wasn’t expecting much less. BUT it took me about 2 hours to get the website to accept my credit card. I gave the customer service line a call. And my conversation with a representative went something like….

Her: ‘…You need to put your EXACT address in.’

Me: ‘My EXACT address is in Hangeul…but I will try. Can I not just in put the English version.

Her: ‘No. the EXACT!’

Needless to say it turned out that there system didn’t print foreign characters, and that’s why it wouldn’t initially except my order. 2 hours of my life, I’ll never get back.

The packaging while solid, contemporary and minimal is all fur coat and no knickers as my aunt would say. Pretty, but impractical as hell. Whatever asshole in the design department said ‘light colored foundation pump’ should be fired. After a few goes it looks ugly and smeared. Especially if your of a dark complexion. White pump, brown smears anyone? Research into consumers needs was thorough! Easy and fluid application, that apparently doesn’t oxidize. However, clearly changed color when it dried.

And yet, The biggest trouble with her range so far for me, is Fenty Beauty while great, doesn’t offer me anything that isn’t already available on the market. Granted, I’m not naive. For those who are extremely pale or on the darker end of the complexion spectrum, a pocket friendly, all inclusive range such as Riri’s would have been a dream come true. However, I found myself using the products and abandoning them after 2 weeks in. Not because they weren’t quality, but because I had seen them before. Painless was my decision to migrate back to my ever faithful Lancome Teint Idole over Fenty Beauty. If your looking for reliability, FB has you covered. Innovation not so much.

Granted the word trash…maybe a bit heavy. Over-rated…possibly??


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