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#VIEWS – But Not From The 6

If you know anything about me, it’s that I am not a fan of exercise. A can’t do it, won’t do it but should do it type of relationship, is what I have with physical activity. Needless to say I was dragged by two friends […]


‘Being Black in..’ -I HATE That Phrase

Yaaay! I made it to a month. *dougies* Well a month and a bit. And this past month has been full of interesting and insightful experiences. Experiences that have taught me both a lot about myself as a person and how I can/should/shouldn’t interact with […]

SoKo and Beyond

“Jump, live life.. that’s what your twenties is for!” That’s the generic response from friends and family when you mention you want to live abroad for a year. Granted you do get the odd negative comment from ignorants. But thankfully they don’t make up the […]

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Dear Me: Things I Wish I Knew At 18

Sure, I may not have hit my thirties…nor have I stumbled into my forties yet. And my mortgage free fifties are by far a long way off. Bitter divorcee, or Miss Mid Life Crisis I am not! The frames in my flat are still filled […]


Guns and Butter: The Imbalance.

  Clique Etiquette: I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a network of people who get it. People who get the constant struggle between balancing everyday life and artistic desire.  They may not all know each other, yet it amazes me how similar their mindset […]

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Made By You: London

Saturday afternoon, few weeks back, I was strolling through Carnaby street with friends and stumbled upon Converse Made By You pop up (completely by accident). In a nutshell, you go in with your Chucks, do what you like to them, whether they old, battered, drawn […]