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5 reasons why COSRX Products are the Sh*t.

Contrary to popular belief there are questionable K Beauty products floating around. And living in Seoul, where beauty stores are easier to find than ATM’s, means one is coerced into buying unnecessary crap. And If buying the unnecessary crap wasn’t enough, Koreans are a fan of […]

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Skincare Regime Updated

White bottles, and fancy font call to me, I swear.  I’m a sucker for skincare but you most probably already know that. Beauty Cult consumer is a phrase not to be used lightly when talking about my shopping habits. Which became even more apparent on […]

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Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Review

Call me a cheat, a tramp or even a whore. Because I will be the first to admit that I have commitment issues when it comes to skincare. Coaxed by prestige bottles and shiny new promises of flawless skin, I abandon whatever cult train I’m […]


Beauty Haul: October 2015

Payday came and went. Never have I realised how much change I part with due to skincare(I’m lying). Checking the receipts this weekend was shocking….(Again I’m lying). We all have vices, it’s very clear what mine are. Sue me; I’m an ageist, and if denting […]