As a self-proclaimed foodie….or maybe just a fat man in a skinny chick’s body, if you haven’t guessed already; I’m partial to eating out. (Iv’e said this before I know lol). My friends and I decided to have a catch up one boring Sunday last month, and the location suggested was ‘Bird’ a restaurant In Shoreditch.

Putting all their travelling experience together, owners Paul & Cara have come up with ‘a distinctly British version of the great local fried chicken restaurants’ they love. They claim to offer ‘The best free range fried chicken you’ve ever tasted.’ It’s debatable.

WTF do us Londoners know about Chicken n Waffles??: I get it. London is a city so vibrant and diverse that virtually any type of cuisine from any culture, race or community can be found. Everybody wants to contribute, bring a little something new to the table right? However, I strongly believe that somethings are best left the f**k alone.


If you have ever travelled, lived or even stopped in the Southern US/Caribbean, you will appreciate what I’m about to say. Having visited Atlanta enough times, I know what decent fried chicken and waffles is meant to taste like. Roscoes, Popeyes, IHOP or even Waffle House springs to mind when I think about the combination of meat n sweet. So you can imagine my friends’ and I’s disappointment when we received extremely slow service, dry flavourless chicken and irrelevant sides… Korean cucumber with waffles and chicken, really? Where the mac and cheese or biscuits at?! lol

I think overall I left feeling confused. I had to read their website after in order to get where they were trying to come from. It still isn’t clear to me what note Bird was trying to hit, but it is in no way comparable to its ‘Down South’ originators.


On the plus side, the best thing about this spot was the music. Trap music pumping through the speakers had me feeling like I was chillin on SoBe. Would I return to Bird? Possibly, for a drink and a vibe. Tasteless chicken? I think not. I have aunts who throw down better! Lol


Go for the atmosphere and great music.

They close late.

Decently priced


Who charges 50p for extra syrup, when it’s meant to be part of the dish?

KFC drive thru chicken has more flavour

Service slow as hell

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