Pissed off doesn’t quite cover it. My plans to buy out the whole of the Balmain X H&M collection, were thwarted by eBay enthusiast and poor servers. The money hungry, along with the fashion herd showed little mercy and no restraint on November 5th, when the collection was made available online and in stores.

Going in store was never an option (some of us work you know lol) because camping outside has never really been my thing. My office had never seen me so early, as I set up camp at my desk and on my phone, at some ungodly hour. The refresh button had never been so used, and the crashed site meant that my excitement morphed into despair after nearly 5 hours staring at ‘Try Again.’ How on earth did they not anticipate the chaos? Or maybe that was all part of their master plan. Chaos+ Demand= SOLD OUT.

Staying true to my persistent nature I stuck at it. 12noon was when H&M allowed me onto their site. It was amazing, absolutely amazing that after high demand for the 2014 Alexander Wang collection, the high street giant failed to fix the IT side of things. My dreams of tuxedo jackets and Balmain tees were crushed, as I quickly clicked and checkout with whatever I could salvage.

Regardless, the items I did manage to grab came in the post, and were underwhelming. The quality was meh, and I felt like I had just purchased H&M with a designer tag, and a higher price point. It is possible that there’s some truth in that, or it is also highly likely that because things didn’t go my way I’m extremely bitter.


Devina wells Balmain x H&M collection

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