Contrary to popular belief there are questionable K Beauty products floating around. And living in Seoul, where beauty stores are easier to find than ATM’s, means one is coerced into buying unnecessary crap. And If buying the unnecessary crap wasn’t enough, Koreans are a fan of “service.” Gotta love em. This is where they give you a bunch of free unnecessary crap on top of your purchased unnecessary crap…Take note London/NYC, I said FREE.

Point being, that it’s hard for me to filter out what I should make staple items, versus what needs to hit the bin. But the big 3-0 be creeping, and consistency is what my skin needs. Between the bad air in Korea, to hormonal acne, my oh so sensitive skin was in need of products that would help target breakouts and blemishes. Preferably without causing more damage.

‘This feels like a bandwagon. It is a bandwagon. I hate bandwagons lol.’ Is pretty much what I muttered to myself when I was filling my basket. But COSRX is a name I had read about on blogs, Instagram and decided to give it a try. COSRX claim that it’s not about

“…tempting and good-looking cosmetics. However, only thinking of your skin health, we maximized good components and minimized harm ingredients in reasonable price with our honesty.”

One Step Pimple Clear Pad

Some of the products I used were One Step Pimple Clear pads, The Low PH Good Morning Cleanser, AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment toning mist, The Centella Blemish cream and the Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence. And after 4-5 months of using their products, I can safely say I’m a late bandwagon convert, but a convert none the less. And here’s why:

The No Bullsh*t approach- It does what it says on the tin. Clear and concise instructions both in Korean and English, which always helps. They don’t sell you a dream. The label says it will help ‘nourish and hydrate the skin over time’, and that is what it did for me. Nothing more. Each product targeted something specific without a long and unrealistic list.

Not much of a ‘Smellies’ girl- Can’t stand it. Over perfumed products that smell like they would give me thrush on first application. Or anything that whiffs..a bit like hospital hand sanitiser. I found all of their products to be not necessarily pleasant smelling, but definitely not offensive. Only the Clear Pads made me wince but I assume that’s because the contain Betaine Salicylate 1%.

Little Miss Minimalism- I take the French Chic approach when it comes to fashion and life in general. Monochrome or muted is as far as it goes. So the fact that COSRX products are packaged simply makes me warm on the inside. For some reason or the other (which I know is wrong) it’s hard for me to process cute and cuddly as a serious beauty product. I steer clear of Tony Moly, not because I haven’t heard great things about there products, just because hand cream shaped like an apple offends me. lol How can I be sure that a super duper ultra deep intensive moisture serum is effective, if the bottle has butterflies and unicorns on it?

When everything’s lit- Every brand has at least one cult beauty product or one cream/serum etc that works while the rest tend to be mediocre. Hands down I have not found a mediocre product from this brand yet.

Mo Money Mo Problems-  And if that wasn’t enough, COSRX price points aren’t painful to purchase. Ranging from $10 to 28. I pay in KRW so I’m not sure the exact conversion, but my point is I can buy in bulk; I don’t have to strip to afford them!

If you are based in Korea, you can purchase COSRX products in ALand or Olive Young. They are available online worldwide at COSRXWishtrend, SOKOGLAM StyleKorean.

AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toning Mist
Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

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