Vowing never to revert back to the Western way, my suitcase coming home was jammed full of K-beauty goodies. Sadly, 2 months into my return to the UK, that stash dwindled. Liberty London beauty hall was my first rehabilitation to what I thought was an incurable addiction. Nervously, I stood by the Eve Lom counter and scanned the ingredients of their cult moisturiser.Traitor! Liar! I hear you and my ears are ringing. I’m slightly remorseful, swiping Pixi glow tonic across my cheek.

The difficulty lies in having limited immediate access to staple products. In Seoul, your girl was inevitably spoilt for choice. And it is this lack of accessibility that has lead me to backslide, sidelining some (and I mean some) of my Asian beauty favs. Sure, I could buy online. Though waiting days/weeks can be frustrating for someone with as little patience as me. And yes I could rummage the beauty concessions of Selfridges, but near £15.00 for a stick cleanser VS the £7.00 I would pay for it in Korea seems criminal.

Regretfully, for now at least Western beauty is pulling me back. I’ve swapped a few cleansers, and let go of my 7 plus steps. The fact is, it’s a bit of a process this beauty thing. But yet here we are. And I say we, because as a reader of this beauty post, at some point you got suckered into this shit too. Lol

Admittedly, the old routine was a bit extensive. And this new rituals recent success and limited breakouts has led me to conclude that less is more. Check out the difference between my previous routine vs my current one below!







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