‘Being Black in..’ -I HATE That Phrase


Yaaay! I made it to a month. *dougies*

Well a month and a bit. And this past month has been full of interesting and insightful experiences. Experiences that have taught me both a lot about myself as a person and how I can/should/shouldn’t interact with others. Bla bla bla. In doing so I have come across a few people in I guess the “expat/traveler” community, and when we start talking , it usually ends with ‘do you blog?’ I answer yes or no..depends how much I want that person in my business lol,  but last week someones response kinda erked me. He followed my reply of ‘yes’ with ‘oooh so your one of those Black abroad type bloggers.’

*Pause* Firstly, no one bought up race. That was completely left field, and secondly I hate that phrase.

I’m from London. Short breaks as a child were taken in Germany, Spain, Paris. And sadly, I have become accustom to random stares, touches and whispers. Again, I am from London. Where stop and search is a thing, refusing to let women of colour in certain nightclubs and bars is also still alive and popping. We’ve been prone to riots, stupid political decisions *coughcough* BREXIT and racially motivated murder. In my city you can at times expect to work 20 times harder than your blue eyed, and blonde peer, just to get your foot in the door.

But here’s the thing, I am from London. A place where  I went to school with Sarah,  Kwame, Priya and Mohammed. Where my generation mix n mingle; school friends have interracial relations, babies, parents. A city where there’s opportunity, no matter how hard you have to work for it. A place where I know doctors, and midwives, businessmen and hustlers. It’s not perfect but nowhere is.

Let’s call a spade a spade. People of colour are not being treated any differently in their home countries to how they are being treated abroad. Please see current American news for clarification lol. *Waits for Americans in their feelings.*

I’m not foolish enough to think my race doesn’t alter my experience. I just don’t believe in allowing it to be front and center.

In fact nothing but positive vibes so far. And although I know I still have a stretch to go here, does it warrant a whole webisode on how people touched my hair and stereotyped my background when it’s shit I get in my own country anyway? I just feel it’s a contradiction, to want people to treat me equally but then try and capitalize,blog and document the racially negative things that make my experience different. Tell me you climbed a mountain, not that you were a black person on a mountain. I can’t with these YouTube videos I swear Lol.

So there will be no vlog, blog or pictures with a #BlackTraveller #BeingBlackInKorea plastered all over it. There will be no advice on how to cope as a Nigga in China or a Nubian broad in Taiwan. Sorry.

*Disclaimer. Just my thoughts, You don’t have to share em.