Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Review

Call me a cheat, a tramp or even a whore. Because I will be the first to admit that I have commitment issues when it comes to skincare. Coaxed by prestige bottles and shiny new promises of flawless skin, I abandon whatever cult train I’m riding and hop on the latest. French pharmacy lured me on a trip to France earlier this year; and ever since, Avène and Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré  has remained firmly on my bathroom shelf. For so long the French pharmacy has reigned supreme. But you would have had to have been living under a rock not to know that this new lady, my new love (the one I abandoned Frenchie for) is now where it’s at.

All hail Korean Beauty! K beauty has been long available throughout Korea and Asia, it’s just us Westerners are generally slow on the up take. Korea’s advanced and somewhat unusual ingredients (snail. Yes I said snail lol) , sheet mask and 10-12 step routine is now being adored and adopted outside Korea.  With a large following, Korean staple products are starting to seep over to the Western market.

I’m the type of person that tries not to take an interest in something. Why? Because when I do, I drown myself in it to the point of suffocation. So rest assure I plan to delve more into this new found mistress of mine but as of now we’re taking things slow. Starting with a cult fav from a well-known Korean brand, here’s what I thought of SkinFoods Black Sugar Mask. Check out the brand here.

Devina Wells Skinfood Black Sugar mask K Beauty


When opening the tub, I noticed that zesty smell that many have spoken about. Which didn’t put me off but also didn’t make me excited. Personal preference, but lemon zest always reminds me furniture polish of cleaning products. meh.


Devina Wells Skinfood Black Sugar mask K Beauty

I was slightly alarmed by the long list of ingredients on the back, but after research have been told a lot of Asian beauty products. Plan to dig deeper on this one, I’m no scientist but it would be nice to know what all the long worded ingredients are.


Devina Wells Skinfood Black Sugar mask K Beauty

Think honey and sugar mixed together.  Texture has rather a gritty feel to it. But not so gritty that it will damage or scratch your face. When in the tub it seems to stay solid and when applied onto my face


Devina Wells Skinfood Black Sugar mask K Beauty

I found the application easy enough, like any other mask.. except it’s a scrub, that’s a mask. Confused? Lol Following the the instructions on the back of the tub, I dampened my face before applying. I tried the following day without dampening first and was in a LOT of pain. Now I tend  to spray my Avene Thermal Spring Water first (you can use water, I’m just extra lol) and then a apply. I sat with it on for 10 mins and then scrubbed a little but not too hard. Then washed off. After using this my skin feels soooo smooth and ready for whatever serum/night cream I plan to add next. I have every intention of buying this one again, and can appreciate why this product is so popular. Definitely not a fan of using scrubs everyday, but once/ twice a week for sure. For her first time…my new mistress..Korean beauty that she didn’t do too bad.

Buy online from,, or search on eBay/Amazon.


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