Pixi Glow Tonic Review: Holy Grail or Fools Gold?

I’m late I know. Sadly I’m not sorry for that, because the one thing I hate is jumping on a bandwagon. Pixi Glow Tonic by Petra has been on our shelves for a while. And for at least a year now I have heard rants, raves and reviews on what has now become a staple for my fellow product junkies. In this day an age where all is available at the click of a mouse, who wants to scourer the earth to find a toner?

It annoyed me the tales I heard. Some ladies went through hell to get there hands on just one bottle, and it put me off. Now more readily available (M&S, Liberty, Cult Beauty) both online and in store, I was able to cop a bottle! I shan’t bore you with regurgitated facts about the brand. No one likes a copy and paste jobby Lol. So to find out more about Petras popular brand click here–>  PixiBeauty.co.uk

However, what I will tell you, is that Glow tonic is a 5% Glycolic acid chemical exfoliant containing ginseng and aloe vera. It’s meant to firm, tone and clear the skin of dead cells.

Day 1:

Started off by squirting some onto a cotton wool pad. It was gentle to apply, and didn’t sting. The colour concerned me at first, mainly because I thought the bottle was orange and not the actually liquid. Stupid I know.. The smell was not as much of a problem as it’s rumored to be. And in fairness the price didn’t offend me, as a little seemed to go along way.

Day 5: WTF! Panic set in at this point. I woke up to find my face covered in spots of all varying shapes and sizes. Mainly white heads. But they were extremely noticeable, and I didn’t appreciate them. Yes I know the whole point of an exfoliant is to rid your skin of all the rubbish, but I guess I never realised how much last nights pizza would effect my me.

Day 7: At this point I had been applying twice daily, which on reflection may have been slightly excessive. But my skin started to look more radiant, the scars on my cheeks had faded and my overall complexion looked brighter. The gross white heads had gone to hell! And I had upped my water intake to assist.



Day 30: 

Currently I apply my glow tonic once every 3-4 days. As I felt everyday was a lot.

This product is not all hype. Seeing a visible difference in my skin, especially after about day 9 means I plan to continue to use it. Alarm bells start ringing when you hear the word acid, but between this and sacylic acid, my skin has improved by miles in such a short time. As far as chemical exfoliants go, Pixi Glow Tonic has my vote.

Pixi Glow Tonic £18.00


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