Camel Suede: This Seasons Must Have!

There are trends that when said aloud don’t actually sound right to me. For example, when I think of sandals and socks, I instantly think of oil and milk. Oil and milk doesn’t mix. I’m also taken back to my child hood. A memory of an awkward teacher springs to mind; he thought he was swagged out during the summer. He wore those fake Birkenstocks with thick no-brand-name sports socks. But no matter how I may consider it cringeworthy, when you break down, it’s not that far removed from Adidas sliders and sports socks that our generation floss today. Eek!

Camel x Suede is one of those things that when you say it aloud it makes me shudder. lol But after falling in love with these lace ups from River Island, the camel suede combo is my new fav. I’ve added a few more camel suede stuff to my list, so clearly Iv’e let go of my hate for it pretty quickly!

Shoes Camel

Suede lace up heels from River Island £75.00


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