MAC Studio Fix or Lancôme Teint Idole

MAC to me feels like a first bra. A makeup brand that has become so well renown globally, it was the first non drugstore foundation I purchased. In the beginning stages of puberty a bra that is easy to put on, basic looking and comfortable is what your mum helps you look for. Right? Fast forward four years later, and you’ve ditched Mum, and dragged your BFF out in search for some ridiculously expensive lingerie, with more holes than a string vest. But before you arrived at the Agent Provocateur stage, there’s an in between. You’ve outgrown it; and you’re now sitting somewhere between basic and womanhood. There’s levels to this you know?! My point is I see makeup in the same way. .

 I’ve noticed however, that this generation of teenage girls skip ‘the ugly stage.’ Blue eye shadow and cheap fluro pink lipstick seem to be a thing of the past. Young girls now flock to Topshop instead of Tammy girl to grab the latest mascara. Bewildered every morning I am, as my journey to work is riddled with airbrushed teens. Yet I still can’t help but notice that there is an order to things. Drugstore- MAC-Premium Brands. Having completed all these levels (#BossMode), Studio fix has become a back up for when I need to cover acne scars etc. I now pick up MAC foundation at least twice before deciding to wear it.

Make up self mastery? Sure as hell not there yet. But with endless options for foundation nowadays, for both really fair and really dark skin; it comes down to personal preference I guess.

Lancôme stays winning for me. Why? Looks like skin, the formula is a lot thinner so I can build easily, last literally all day and doesn’t separate. Yup, separate, I went away for three days, leaving my foundation in my room (not in direct sunlight) and came back to find my studio fix clearly divided between what I can only assume was oil and pigment.

MAC as for your foundation…it’s been fun and all.


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