Top 5 Makeup Tips From Eva: “No new friends..”

Normal friends discuss the opposite sex, scoff pizza or argue over petty crap; but I realised long ago that we are not normal. Conversations with Eva can range from the latest beauty product, JLo or how we plan to take over the world. I have tried to rid myself of her. An 11 year friendship means that I’d have to move planets in order to distance myself from this powerhouse.  Our love for monochrome knows no boundaries, we cringe at our ethnic stereotypes and as much as I’d hate to admit it she’s the ideas guy…  let’s be honest Pinky is nothing without the Brain! Eva, a fashion bookings assistant and online contributor for ELLE UK, she is also a freelance MUA. Previous beauty assistant for Marie Claire UK is also a pretty shit hot thing to have on your resume. But to me, she is my mate, who’s compact stature and god given prowess gets us a lot of free stuff in shops! loool I stopped by her house to drool over her make up collection, and get some tips. Check it out. IMG_0999

Top five tips??

  1. Invest in a beauty blender.
  2. Always start off with less product- It’s a lot easier to build intensity than to take it away.
  3. Match foundation from your jaw to your neck to ensure a seamless blend.
  4. Peel apart a tissue and use one sheet as blotting paper.
  5.! Always apply makeup in good lighting.



Must haves? ‘…Mascara, concealer and brow pencil!’ Mascara – ‘Lancôme hypnose.’ Concealer – ‘Nars radiant creamy concealer.’ Brows – ‘Make up Forever Aqua brow. Mac brow pencil in ‘Lingering’ is the most universal brow pencil I’ve ever used and Anastasia Beverly Hill brown pomade.’


Anthing else?… ‘Erm Becca shimmering skin perfector liquid highlight in ‘Moonstone.’ And my Beauty Blender and Shu Uemura eyelash curlers are tools I couldn’t live without!’


Click the links to keep up with Eva on instagram, twitter or her blog.


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