I’m All About That Base…

“It’s just hormones! The teenage phase love, it’ll pass, I promise”

My mother chimes this far too often, she uses a semi patronising tone that resembles the coo of a bird. And I stare back at her blankly wondering if violence is an option. Like any Mother Hen to her Ugly Duckling, there is an element of self-centred reassurance to be found in her statement, ‘I couldn’t have created such a monster!’ Alas, one of us has to be honest, and the fact remains that at 24 pushing 25, it is not puberty attacking my face. That stage of my life is very much over. Gravity has taken hold of my once perked DD cups, handstands and the splits are a thing of the past. And where I use to think the gym was exclusively for overweight people; well let’s just say I’m rethinking my theory.

In all honesty, whether I stuff my face with veggies, change my contraception, or strip back on the carbs the Skin Gods do not respect my life. Maybe like me you’ve spent the noughties looking like crater face Keisha but you know what, I’ve paid my dues. I’ve done my time. So quite frankly adult acne is taking the pee. I decided a few months back I was having none of it. #RantOver

Like so many women I have used a variety of beauty potions to get a uniform facial complexion, concealer, primer, foundation blah blah blah.. but what I truly long for is that get out of bed skin. My aim was to perfect my skin rather than cover it. (I sound like a really bad, cliche beauty advert and for that I apologise Lol) But I have listed a few things that helped my complexion/acne improve in the hope that it may help some poor dear or pre teen. See below. 🙂

1) H2 the Izzo: They do not lie when they say water helps. I started drinking 1.2-2L of water a day, and at first my skin purged. Had to say sorry to my work colleague, who had a close up view of the crap growing on my face for about a week. But I bought her chocolate and after that, we were fine. lol

2) Good Skincare regime: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise. I will never understand women who spend hundreds of pounds on heels that scrape the ground, or clothes that touch dirty tube seats etc, but your skincare is cheap. When all is said and done, when you take off your clothes and shoes, what do you have left but you skin and hair. The women in my family advocate that you take care of it! And if you can’t afford high end, go for a brand with the least junk. The Bodyshop do good alternatives.

3) Don’t Touch: Sounds like common sense, but I was shocked at how many times a day I touched my face before. I stopped, and as a result I get no spots on chin. Lovely!

4) “It’s Not For My Skin!”: If you’re not black please feel free to skip this step. lool Black people we have this annoying tendency to think that the only creams available to us are cocoa butter and astral. *sigh* It’s 2015 let’s branch out. If you have acne and you’re rubbing cocoa butter on your face, you may be part of your own problem..just saying.

5) Not everyday: I have stopped wearing makeup everyday. Get comfortable with looking at your skin with blemishes, marks etc. Sometimes it’s nice to go commando if you get my drift. (No pun intended lol).

Products I’d die without…

Avene Cleanance Range

Nuxe lip balm

Embryolisse lait-crème concentré

Bioderma or Garnier Micellar water

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


3 Replies to “I’m All About That Base…”

  1. Don’t stress love! I have had my fair share of skin care problems in the past. Check out my beauty posts at mybrownsparklez.com to see for yourself. I will say oil cleansing with coconut did my skin well. So did getting off birth control!

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  2. The Garner Micellar Water is one of my must have products as well. I use it to remove my sunscreen at night and I love how it doesn’t strip my skin. I am also really loving the Avene Thermal Water right now, it really helps to keep my skin calm. One thing that helped my adult acne was going on an over the counter retinol cream. Neutrogena makes a really good one as well as ROC. It didn’t completely make it go away, but it helped tremendously. I am now on a prescription strength and so far so good.


    1. I am in LOVE with Garnier M Water. Haven’t tried the Avene version.. now that you’ve mentioned it, will give it a go!…tried retin A cream, but all it did was bring forth weeks of cystic spots on my cheeks (which are usually clear). Will look into retinol..I’m assuming it’s a lighter version of retin A?? x


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