“Allow Me To Re Introduce Myself…My Name is….”

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Without boring you all with the minor details, (because in truth no one likes those) I have moved.  If you didn’t know already I had a blog (www.ruby-alexander.com) where I put eveeerything, from my art work, to fashion, beauty and thoughts etc. It still exists by the way so if your into art or in need of custom illustrations check that out. After careful deliberation, I decided to I guess ‘re brand’ lol and separate my illustrations from my personal life. Not that art isn’t a big part of my everyday comings n goings, it’s just not ALL I’m about.

I found that the freelance work and occupation was starting to cross over, and didn’t want to confuse the two. It’s kind of awkward when people email you saying ‘Hey Ruby’…and I’m thinking well first off how do I explain that’s not my actual name!? So this is the lady behind the drawings. I can’t promise cocktails and Cannes,  But I will try and be more diligent with how often I post. *covers face*

Peace. xx


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